Parish of Swords Clonmethan Kilsallaghan Donabate & Lusk
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The square tower and Saint Columba's Church in Swords


Contact the Rev. Neal Phair on 01 895 6747 or

Here are the contact details for Swords, Donabate, and Kilsallaghan. We hope you find them useful.

Saint Columba's Church, Swords

Rector Rev. Neal Phair
Churchwarden Eric Hughes
Select Vestry Hon. Treasurer Eric Wolfe
Select Vestry Hon. Secretary Andrea Patterson
Church Grounds Anne Forsyth +353866086343
Pastoral Committee Hon. Secretary Eleanor McQuinn +353863285780
Parish Hall Hire and Bookings Nora Murray
Sunday Club / Sunday School Lucy Phair

Saint David's Church, Kilsallaghan

Rector Rev. Neal Phair
Rector's Churchwarden Ian Falkiner 01 840 5129

Saint Patrick's Church, Donabate

Rector Rev. Neal Phair
Select Vestry Hon. Secretary
& Rector's Churchwarden
Brian Scott 087 611 5174
People's Churchwarden Niall Minto
Select Vestry Hon. Treasurer Peter Maxwell
People's Glebewarden Sally Beazley
Sunday Club / Sunday School Kelda Barnes 01 8435 984

Social Media

Organisations & Groups located in the church and the parish halls

Apostolic Faith Church  
Syrian Orthodox Church
National School 01 8407 036
Badminton Margaret Wolfe 086 361 3108
Ladies' Tuesday Club Ladies' Tuesday Club on Facebook
Girls' Brigade Caron Neale 01 8407 110
Boys' Brigade Stephen Vincent 01 8903 892
Anchor Boys Audrey Ayres 087 6416 269
Ilyo Taekwondo Club Paul Sheridan 086 037 7587
Rugby Tots
Fingal Horticultural Society